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Handala is a program presented in a form of animation that consists of 150 daily episodes. The purpose behind this project is to revive the work of the martyr Naji Al-Ali in a creative and innovative way. Handala is a character created by the Palestinian cartoonist, Naji Al-Ali. The barefoot kid represents a symbol of Naji Al-Ali’s childhood. Handala started as a signature of the artist, then it became a iconic symbol of the palestinian identity, and now it is transformed into an action. This program was researched, executed, directed and produced by Mentis.

Promos : Fidel Castro

This promo was created based on the willingness and determination of the struggling and resisting Arab citizens to submit and express their respect and appreciation to Fidel Castro. It was made in a form of a message or letter from the Arabs and dedicated to Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro is a Cuban politician that served first as a prime minister and then as the president of the Republic of Cuba. He is best acknowledged as a revolutionary figure. This promo is one of various promos that were produced by Mentis.

Directed By: Francisco Varvaro


Mentis offers a series of documentaries for both corporations as well TV stations. The following selected documentary, “The Gas War”, is made up of two parts that both were aired on AlMayadeen TV. This documentary was researched, produced, executed, and directed by Mentis.

Animated Infographic

To have a better and clear picture on what is going on in the world, an interactive-animated infographic is crafted continuously by specialists. The following infographic explains what is going on in Egypt concerning the elections in a very clear, simplified and artistic way. This is just one of many infographics that were drawn, designed, executed, directed, and animated by Mentis.