Mentis DDJ

  • Data Extraction and Scrapping
  • Data Cleaning
  • Mapping
  • Visualizing & Designing
  • Publishing
  • Sharing
  • Integrate data with Website policy and Different social media platforms
  • Analyse results
  • Improve activities and decisions
  • Visualize final scores

Data Driven journalism

Data is everywhere We have always used Data Driven techniques when telling stories or sending messages.

  • Data
  • Filter
  • Visualize
  • Story


  • Bring traffic to the website
  • Spread awareness about the topic
  • Tell a better story that interests a larger number of people.
  • Stay up to date when it comes to technology
  • Compete in your field!

Services We Offer

Data driven designs
Data driven applications

How ?

Give us your data, we transform it into an insightful data visualization or info graphic

Give us the topic, we can prepare the data and then transform it into a data viz.

Get assistance from our top practitioners to transform your traditional newsroom and research sections to become data driven

Partner with us and get a constant number of info graphics (weekly/monthly..)

Our Infographics

Wireframes detail